Our Services
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Our Services
We understand how important your financial health is to you. Our specialized experience in the building industry, combined with accreditations and accolades enable us to provide the expert knowledge you need to elevate you to the digital age.
  1. Private Equity/Debt Placement
    We have the capability to bring flexible private equity and debt capital to your building projects. Our debt and equity placement solutions are specifically tailored towards your industry and specific needs. The solutions often involve limited documentation, tax advantaged strategies, and relationship-based valuation support.
  2. Advisory Services
    The building industry is challenging, to grow your business to the next level one needs the support of an industry expert who understands the inter-workings of the business. We can help and provide advisory services by streamlining and enhancing your financial operations.
  3. Asset Protection Services
    The building industry is one of the riskiest businesses in the United States, to protect one's earnings and assets we must deploy innovative strategies. The strategies involve the implementation of advantages business structures and insurance products protecting you and your family.
  4. Valuation/Brokerage Services
    You have worked tremendously hard to provide the community a building product, let us step in and help to liquidate it for you. Whether it's an individual project or your entire business, we can help evaluate it accurately.
  5. Insurance Services
    These days employees expect more from their employer. The building industry is competitive, let us help you provide your employees effective insurance solutions. These solutions include: workers compensation insurance, health and welfare programs, life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care.