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We Value The Building Industry
The Building Industry

Throughout history, the building industry has been one of the most significant aspects of life.  Continued success, combined with vitality in the building sector are tantamount to economic growth and stability.

More recently, the building industry has been faced with tremendous pressure as a result of lack of innovation, shortage of resources, lack of labor and increased governmental regulation.  This occurrence has greatly reduced the number of mid-sized builders from growing to their full potential.

Our mission

Provide mid-size building industry organizations essential financial resources, positioning them for growth and success.  Deploy asset protection approach to assist in the oranizational operations process-flow, harvest value, sybiosis and energy.  Create, plan and develop innovative technological strategies to overcome our community's biggest worries.

Our Involvement

We have successfully executed millions of dollars in rehabilitation, building projects and investment management assignments, we know how to create value for your business, and automate your financial needs.  We are an emerging Fin-tech based organization dedicated to the building industry.  As registered investment advisors, insurance professionals, and real estate experts we have a unique set of skills to provide you the digital solution you need to elevate your business to the next level.

Blockchain Trading Application/Renewable energy

It is our belief the building industry is the single largest user of energy.  We strive to create energy efficiency technologies, and resources to help remove our carbon footprint in the economy.  We are currently developing a 164-acre site for renewable energy near Apple Valley, California. 

We have a tremendous passion for the building industry, as such, we are cultivating a blockchain based application to allow trading of energy coins. Once completed, this digital system will be deployed on our own solar farm and form a market for trading.  This system will be used in conjunction with smartcontract systems.  A smart contract is a computer system designed to deploy, authenticate, or administer an agreement, or act of an obligation.