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  1. Advisory/Asset Protection
    Advisory/Asset Protection
    Provide accurate advisory services on special tax situations, while delivering asset protection for you and your valuable employees
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    Private Equity/Debt Placement
    We can bring flexible equity and debt placement solution to your project, streamline your next buildout.
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    Key Insurance Solutions
    Our team can make significant contributions to your company process flow by mitigating downtime, accommodating the resolution of insurance requests.
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Birch Capital Renewable Energy

Blockchain Energy Trading

Apple Valley, California

Our dedication to the building and development industry goes above and beyond!

In 2016, Birch Capital acquired a large 164-acre parcel of land adjacent to the Black Mountain quarry, one of the largest cement mining facilities in the United States, owned by Cemex.  We are currently in the development stages of conducting a comprehensive analysis of the local market and positioning this renewable energy project to benefit the building industry!

At completion, the project would be able to generate over 30 MW of energy to the grid.  This site currently sits in the unincorporated area of San Bernardino County near Interstate 15 and Stoddard Wells Road.  The site is flat with minimal grading, drainage mitigation and adjacent to a 115 KV high power transmission line.

Blockchain Trading Application System

We are presently in the process of establishing a state-of-the-art blockchain based digital system to allow trading of energy in the construction sector.  The main benefit of this cryptocurrency based trading application will be decentralization, innovative security systems, anti-hack processes and considerable reliability.